Synergy Acoustics

The next logical step in sound reproduction

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Synergy Acoustics makes loudspeakers, bass modules, power amplifiers and a preamplifier with room correction. We do things differently:

Great sound in real rooms.

Our uni-directional loudspeakers direct their energy towards the listener instead of the surrounding walls. This provides freedom of placement and allows you to hear more of the music and less of your room.

Muddy bass? Not with our system!

Separate, compact bass modules and room correction eliminate standing waves and deliver tight, well-defined low frequencies. This enables you to hear every note of your favourite bassline!

Compact, elegant design and easy to place.

Everyone likes good sound, but not everyone likes large speakers that dominate the living room. Our products are designed to combine superior sound quality with a compact and elegant design. What's more, our loudspeakers sound great even when placed near walls.